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These are some links that I found really useful...

  • Java 2 (TM) homepage

  • Forte (TM) for Java (TM) IDE... I love it!

  • Netbeans IDE: Forte for Java is based on it.

  • Druid: a database development tool (very nice).

  • MySQL DBMS: the main engine used to develop the product. Go here also for its JDBC driver.

  • Firebird DBMS: the second engine that I supported. Go here also for its JDBC driver.

  • PostgreSQL DBMS: the third engine supported. Go here also for its JDBC driver.

  • MySQL Navigator: a great and simple MySQL client.

  • Javatools by Chris Bitmead: the base for the modified-version used in this package. It also contains some other packages not include in mine.

  • JD3Lib: a library for getting information about MP3 files.

  • gCVS: at last, a nice program to connect to CVS servers in an easier way.

  • Dia: a diagram-builder.

  • TCM: a nice diagram builder that I used in the initial phase of the development. It is a pity that is no more under development....

  • OpenOffice: a magnificent really-big-nice package that I used to build this site (and that I will use for my studies at the university!)

  • GIMP: don't buy Photoshop, download GIMP! I used it for icons and format conversion.

  • VAInstall: a nice Java-based installer-maker.

  • XML Apache Project: I used Xerces2-J parser for connecting to MediX.

  • Jakarta Apache Project: Log4J is included in the XML pack package.

  • JaxMe: a nice software for connecting XML-Schema types with Java objects.

  • Mozilla browser: used for testing XSL stylesheets.

And last but not least, a big thank to Sourceforge for the opportunities that they give us to show our work.