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So you want to become an alpha tester! Well I'm glad about it. Because Medi is really young and it is a pure amateur product I'd really like a lot of things about what you think of it. So... Let's talk about what you should do.

  • Becoming an alpha tester is very simple. Download the latest version of Medi and use it as much as possible. You don't have to be a programmer, but if you know Java you can help me finding out the bugs.

  • If you decide to become an alpha tester, It would be kind about you if you send me an E-mail simply telling "I want to test the program" and I'll put your name in a special "thanks to" page (if you don't want to be named, simply tell me about it, I assume that if you don't say anything, I will name you).

  • As you use the program, write down the problems you find, the features that you would like, etc. If it is possible, use Sourceforge project page bug submission and feature request pages. If you are not familiar with them, send me an E-mail.

  • If you find a bug, see if it is not yet reported (by reading the bug submissions at the Sourceforge page) and then submit it. If you can, describe how to reproduce the bug. Put your E-Mail in the submission, so I can contact you for questions (I don't spam eheh).

  • If you are a Java programmer, and you downloaded the source of Medi (and Javatools-mod), try to patch the program and send me the code. Or we can discuss about joining the project, I need help...

  • Remember that it is an amateur program and I am a student, and I (of course) have to study, so don't put me in a hurry!

Anyway, if you are brave enough, these are the links you need: